Globalization of Knowledge Work

Globalization of knowledge work over the past 10 years promotes disruptive competition on a grand scale. The web and social knowledge have created a gap in the corporate supply chain that RePubIT identifies and strives to close. Innovation is paramount to survival, requires an agile workforce with access to corporate knowledge, resources and analysis in

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IDG Global Mobile Survey Puts Spotlight on the Mobile Evolution

IDG Global Mobile Survey puts spotlight on the mobile evolution Landmark study sees mobile device adoption driving online video consumption, multi-tasking and digital purchases London, UK – June 26, 2014 – IDG GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (IGS) today releases the 5th annual GLOBAL MOBILE SURVEY, the biggest ever study of consumer and business’ use of mobile devices.

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What is an ePub3 Prototyping Design Studio

We produce effective learning experiences, combining creative, curricula design, production, and technology disciplines. We connect mobile learners to social learning environments through interactive ebooks and courseware in learning portals. We transform the passive and user-provided interaction data from each mobile learner to an analytic cloud and skill-attainment dashboard. Think of this as an “air traffic

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